InternPrize has within its team complement talents and experience from the communications, marketing and tourism industry and that work with partners or clients in the startup or rejuvenation of marketing and sales strategies in the hospitality industry.

Areas of work that InternPrize carries out include :
- product development,
- design and implementation of branding, marketing and sales strategies,
- design, startup and maintenance of online digital marketing tools and spaces and
- community generation oriented strategies for the generation of a wide digital footprint on the web.
Areas of promotion in tourism include specific sectors like cultural tourism, activity or special interest linked tourism, gastronomy and heritage. Given our background in education clients of InternPrize benefit from the ideas behind local and European youth, training and creative projects in which our team is involved. Products of our international initiatives benefit our clients making our work for them comprehensive, attractive and fitting into smaller budgets. 

Video Promotion Culinary Traditions

Video Promotion of Oral Heritage in Gozo